A student from Switzerland visits Sifu de Nittis, May 2018

Parma, Italy- May 2018


Sifu de Nittis student from Switzerland , Emanuel Galati , training in his Gwoon (School)

Emanuel said: “A famous quote says : when the student is ready the teacher shows up.
I have to immensely thank Sifu Gianni de Nittis, who I have the honor to call my Sifu, for the opportunity, the teaching, and the human exchanges.
In my journey in Choy Lee Fut, I have walked in the dark until I found a Master with a lamp, guiding me on the road. I feel not  adequate to spend words on the technical knowledge of the system as for me you are simply beyond what I can hope to become.
What I’d like to say is: few days before my birthday you gave me the greatest gift one may receive. You have opened my eyes and my mind. This, surely, will change my perspective forever on many things.

Thanks to you, Emanuel!

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