“His skills and dedication are reflected through his performances and he is doing a fine job in propagating Choy Lay Fut in Europe. We wish him the best in his endeavors. Yours Repectfully, Vince Lacey


“I am very impressed by his mission and vision in learning and inheriting Chinese Kungfu. He shows high comprehension skills in Kungfu’s background and techniques.  I taught him all Buk Sing Choy Lay Fut system. I sincerely wish he could spread our spirit of Chinese Kungfu in Italy and in the World”

GranMaster LI SIU HUNG

“He is extremely passionate about traditional kungfu and Chinese culture. Through his studious nature, he has expanded his horizons in kungfu to include many unique forms.  Sifu Gianni is a humble and skilled teacher of Choy Lay fut. I know he is a role model for his students to spread the values of kungfu. I hope he will continuously exemplify the spirit and enthusiasm of Choy lay fut, as well as Chinese virtues”


“He is a very talented practioner of Chinese Kung Fu. A quick learner. He is an enthralled of Chinese Kung Fu. He has tried hard to learn and understand the Chinese Kung Fu and its culture. He always puts a lot of effort to learning and practicing Chinese Kung Fu, more than many Chinese. I think that, maybe, he was a great master of Chinese Kung Fu in his previous life and so he continues to practice kung fu with passion in this life”


“He always come to Hong Kong …and He’s obsessed about kung fu and he liked Choy Lay Fut style . I hope he respects for his Lee Koon Hung Kung Fu family forever. It’ll be great his future…..”


DAVY NOGUERA- Student from Germany

” Meeting Sifu de Nittis is one of the most wonderful experiences I ever had. Sifu, his school, and the Kung Fu family he lovingly guides embody the highest values of the Kung Fu way of life. It is definitely a life changing experience, which I will never forget.

Three are the most difficult things to find in the Kung Fu world nowadays. First, a real Sifu who masters his style and is a living example of what real traditional Kung Fu means. But even finding a master like this, there is no guarantee that he will accept to pass on the arts to you. And even if one finds a real master and he accepts you,it could be that you and the master don´t have any heart connection. Sifu Gianni de Nittis is one of those extremely rare jewels in the Kung Fu world. He is highly skilled, passionate about Kung Fu, amazingly generous in his teaching and also able to speak direct to the heart of the student.

I visited Sifu de Nittis in Parma after 8 hours of travel and a night without sleeping. It was a long exhausting day expended on trains, aircraft, buses, and cars, but it worthed every single minute of the journey. After seeing him I needed just five minutes to know that this man is the master I want to follow and learn from. Anybody willing to learn from him should just do it. To meet and to being accepted by such a master is priceless. I just wish to be deserving enough to visit him and being accepted again and again.”


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