img_2344Dr. Gianni de Nittis is one of the few masters of our time that can be considered a researcher and scholar of traditional Chinese Kung Fu.  Dr. de Nittis not only understands the technical aspects of martial arts, but also the historical & philosophical aspects like Taoism and Chan Buddhism (Zen) as well as clinical-therapeutic aspects linked to Kung Fu and Taijiquan.  As a psychologist with cognitive-behavioural specialization, he has been working for many years with internationally renowned Masters and professionals in order to understand real Chinese Kung Fu and its benefits.

Sifu Gianni de Nittis is a 4rd generation of Buk Sing Choy Lay Fut under Master Chan Shun Ming  and 7th generation for Hung Sing Choy Lay Fut under Master Li Siu Hung. His martial arts career started very young at age 8 with Mizong (Lost Track) Quan and Meihua (Plum Flower) Quan.  He later studied Wing Chun and Bak Mei with Master Eddie Chong. Even at a young age his passion and spirit for Kung Fu  led him seek out and continuously improve. He began traveling to China and United States to learn and train in the traditional kung fu with several great masters. His purpose was to learn and train in traditional methods of ancient chinese martial arts. He has the good fortune to meet and train with some of the largest and experienced master of his time including: Cheng Li Shen, Sun ZhiJun, Eddie Chong, Cao Feng Shan. However his preferred style remains  Choy Lay Fut and his inspirational masters (Li Siu Hung , Chan Shun Ming, Kwong Cho Yin & Vince Lacey).

buk-sing-choy-lay-fut_24850440579_oHe has had much experience in fighting using the choy lay fut style and for several years has been engaged in the research and development of traditional fighting applications.  He won the 1996 Italian Fighting Kung Fu Tournment and the 1997 Italian Martial Arts Tournament competing against different styles. His experience in underground fighting helped to push him more and more towards the practical aspect of Choy Lay Fut. The experience in combat against different fighters of different styles helped instill in him the will to know more and more. Sifu de Nittis studied Hung Sing  Choy Lay Fut of GM Lee Koon Hung under  Master Li Siu Hung , and he is a close door student of Master Chan Shun Ming in Hong Kong  (he has taught to Sifu de Nittis all Buk Sing Choy Lay Fut system) . The experience of Sifu de Nittis is further enriched by training with his Sisuk Kwong Jo Hin in Hong Kong and  by knowledge and collaboration with Gran Master Vince Lacey and his son Sifu Shane Lacey.

_MG_3485He teaches Traditional Chinese Kung Fu and Choy Lay Fut at his school in Parma, Italy, where he founded the DE NITTIS KUNG FU TRADITIONAL MO GWOON. Sifu de Nittis has written articles for and collaborated with notable European Martial Arts Magazines such as Budo International, EnerTao and New Martial Hero. In 2015 he wrote an article on GM Tam Sam, which was translated in eight languages.

He is a

  • Master accreditation and member of Choy Lee Fat Buk Sing Association
  • Representative of the World Lee Koon Hung Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Association
  • Member of the Chan Heung Memorial Association in Hong Kong
  • Member of Hong Kong Traditional Chinese Kung Fu Association

He performed in very important international and traditional events:

  • Hong Kong, China – 2017: Tam Sam Mausoleum
  • Hong Kong, China – 2017: Ma Yan Anniversary
  • San Jose, California – 2017: Tai Chi Kung Fu Magazine 25° Anniversary Festival
  • Rome, Italy – 2016: First World Masters Meeting of Budo International
  • San Francisco, California- 2016: Yau Kun Mun in Chinatown
  • Hong Kong , China – 2015 : Kong Hon Anniversary
  • Hong Kong , China – 2015 : Tam Sam Anniversary and 45°  Celebration of Buk Sing Association
  • Hong Kong , China – 2014 : Kung Fu Show in Kowloon Park
  • Hong Kong , China – 2013 : Kung Fu Show in Kowloon Park
  • King Mui- Xin Hui, China – 2012: Chan Heung’s home
  • Miami, Florida USA- 2011: Lee Koon Hung 15° Anniversary Memorial Kung Fu Master Exihibition
  • Miami, Florida USA – 2003: Lee Koon Hung Anniversary 10 years in USA 35 years in Hong Kong
  • Bejing , China – 2000 : Kung Fu Show

Today Sifu de Nittis is the first one to practice and teach Buk Sing and Hung Sing Choy Lay Fut in complete and traditional way. His hard work and passion led him to be considered one of the most knowledgeable experts of Choy Lay Fut system. The path of study and deepening of the traditional CLF systems of Sifu de Nittis led him to focus and develop a fighting concept, strategy and psychology as the two system synthesis, Choy Lay Fut Pressure Points, the Traditional Fighting System (read more on section TFS.), Body Conditioning Training and Martial Qi Gong (Nei Gong).

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