Learning a martial art does not mean to just train on predetermined movements (Tao Lu or Kata) or acquire how to mix techniques to broaden one’s technical competences, it rather means learning the strategy, the psychology and the deep spiritual meaning, in addition to the theoretical and cultural paradigm in which the martial art was developed. One that wants to learn traditional Kung Fu must approach it as a 360 martial art. The study programme of the DNCLF association are based on fundamental aspects as traditional combat, martial conditioning techniques and vital points study.

In most martial arts classes, standard raw techniques series are taught without a guide on real awareness in combat. It is necessary to state that learning to perform some techniques and thinking this to be useful in self-defense events is risky, if not dangerous.

In our school you may deepen the study of San Sao (application of Tao Lu’s forms) and Sao Fat (free application of techniques and traditional combat strategies) which are the essentials for the understanding of real Traditional Kung Fu. One of our school distinctive prerogative is the combination of modern methodology and traditional techniques apt to develop and enhance one’s energetic and martial potential.

Traditional combat training aims to develop concentration, resistance, speed, power, braveness, martial reactivity, muscle memory, rooting, quick reflexes, awareness. In most of the modern Chinese martial art world very few are congruent to the system they practice: most carry out standard forms and techniques as a religious duty, and in the meantime they use mixed techniques of different provenance in combat (mostly from the common system of full contact, sanda, boxe, ju jitsu etc).

Traditional Kung fu teaches not the simple movements and techniques practice, but rather the perfect mix of energy, speed, power, body time reaction in movements, techniques, in the mind and in the practitioner’s spirit.


Body Conditioning Training (BCT)

The conditioning process in traditional kung fu aims at strengthening of the entire body to prepare it for the rigors of martial practice.

Traditional Conditioning techniques of the balanced body together with methods of martial Qi Gong (Nei Gong) gradually allow to strengthen the muscles, joints, bones and improve martial power. Unlike functional training, the martial conditioning process does not work only on increasing strength or improving the cardiovascular system, but also on martial strengthening and explosiveness.

Body conditioning training and the consequent in-depth study program proceeds gradually with respect of individual learning time and more importantly with no threatening of body efficiency and balance. The BCT involves individual or pair exercises, bare hands or with equipment such as small bags (filled with different materials responding to one’s training level) or traditional equipment varying in forms and consistency. Martial Qi Gong or Nei Gong is important too, and the use of special ointments (Dit Da Jow, for example) and auto-massage techniques are capable of maintaining a good physical and energetic balance of the whole body.

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