The practice of martial Qi gong is meant to awaken and strengthen the vast potential each individual has; both internally and externally.

Currently, the Martial Qigong is training the body through traditional Chinese knowledge which uses special breathing techniques and movements to make both the internal and external body stronger. The mind is used to lead qi to the muscles to energize them so that they function more efficiently.

Chinese martial Qi gong was probably developed when Shaolin monks trained Da Mo’s Muscle/Tendon Changing Qi gong; they discovered that this practice had not only a good effect on health but also it could improve their martial techniques, increasing the power and efficiency of the muscles.

The practices of Qi gong involve specific breathing technique, using qi for explosive power and protection, and strengthening the internal organs. Martial Qi gong practice trains the tendons, bones and skin.

It also teaches to the practitioner how to be in better communication with the body and thus have better internal coordination. Once a practitioner of martial qi gong has achieved the higher levels of training, he can be struck with kicks, punches, etc. without sustaining injury.

Thanks to long years of studies and experimentation, Sifu de Nittis has developed a set of Martial Qi gong exercises specifically thought to improve the efficacy and power of Choy Lay Fut.

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