buk-sing-choy-lay-fut_25153219606_o“Knowledge is not the sum of what ones knows, but the quality of one’s life experience “  Sifu de Nittis has always worked on developing real traditional Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu with regards to technical and martial aspects, philosophy and Chinese health medicine. He began as a child and he continues now with increased motivation and belief, aimed at perfecting and developing his Kung Fu techniques, also by combining multiple disciplines. A path based on research, study and in-depth analysis of the real Chinese Kung Fu, a rigorously chosen, in-depth research of people and traditions of the past.

“Only on the path of continuous discovery of “one’s own” Kung Fu, it is possible to evolve in terms of discipline and at a personal level also thanks to repetition, repetition and repetition of movements…”  

Sifu de Nittis


buk-sing-choy-lay-fut_25086326051_oThe Choy Lay Fut is an aggressive , instinctive , highly sophisticated, complete and effective fighting system and one of the few traditional styles that is practical for self- defense.

Our training in Buk Sing system and Hung Sing system  is done on a step –by –step process, within a cultural and traditional context and it helps to develop the mind and energy power. The goal is to transform, through the inherent energy training of the body, the initial Lik (pure muscle strength) into an advanced Ging (complex term used to refer not only to the martial power, but also to all stages of releasing force; “Ging” refers to an operation without relying only on physical force during the entire course of the movement).

In fact, supporting both the individual’s physiology and the external physique, it may be possible to maximize their martial power and “without using brute force” (Bat yung maan lik) and generate “killing power”.

buk-sing-choy-lay-fut_26129528484_o-fileminimizerDe Nittis Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu works on the system comprehensively and realistically in all its areas, even reinventing ancient exercises and methods for training for self-defense and good health :

  • Choy Lay Fut Forms (Buk Sing , Hung Sing)
  • Traditional Fighting Training (Punching Drills, Kicking Drills , Sparring, Footwork)
  • Traditional Fighting Applications (Strategy and Psychology of System , San Sao , Sao Fat)
  • Body Conditioning Training 
  • Weapons
  • Wooden Dummy 
  • Self Defense Application 
  • Pressure Point and TCM 
  • Martial Qi Gong

“An extra inch – extra power, one inch punch, one inch longer, one inch power” this is an old saying of GranMaster Tam Sam

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