November 2016Master Chan Shun Ming visited Sifu DE NITTIS KUNG FU school last November 2016.

Started practicing Buk Sing Choy Lay Fut in Chau Hing Kwoon in 1972. Taught by sifu’s Leung Tung and Tam Ming of Chau Hing Kwoon, he then followed Ma Ya and Lun Chee (students of Master Tam Sam) to continue his gung fu training.IMG_0657

In 1977, he started practicing in Buk Sing Chan on Kwoon and later became the coach of Chau Hing Kwoon. Since 2010 he has been the Head Master of Ma Yan Kwoon.

Last November, Master Chan Shun Ming came to Parma to meet  his disciple Sifu de Nittis and his students.

Sifu de Nittis represents the fourth generation of style Buk Sing of Grand Master Tam Sam. He is the only European and one of the few members of the world, recognized by the Choy Lee Fut Buk Sing Association of Hong Kong.

Here are some photos of Buk Sing Choy Lay Fut practiced  together by  the two Masters:


During the visit , Master Chan Shun Ming and Sifu de Nittis spent  time together practicing Body conditioning Training, specific techniques  that help the practitioners to strengthen the entire body to prepare it for the rigors of martial practice.

Here are the two new videos of Sifu de Nittis showing a lot of examples of Buk Sing Body conditioning training:



While Master Chan  was in Parma our students had the honor to attend his seminar of Buk Sing. Children and adults trained themselves all week with him.

stagemchan1 stage-m-chan-2










Master Chan Shun Ming has a real great passion for Kung Fu. In the following exclusive interview that Sifu de Nittis had with him a few months ago, you can hear from his voice his history, his system and way of thinking:


A great thank you to Mater Chan Shun Ming for his visit, for his teachings and for his kindness.



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