The DE NITTIS CHOY LAY FUT KUNG FU INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION under the direction of Sifu Gianni de Nittis, wants to promote the traditional Choy Lay Fut in order to keep values and techniques of this ancient style alive and on an international scale.

Sifu Gianni de Nittis began as a child and that continues with increasing motivation and belief, aimed at perfecting and developing his Kung Fu techniques, also by his International Association. A path based on the research, study and in-depth analysis of the Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu, a rigorously chosen, in-depth research of people and traditions of the past.

Taking part the International Association of Sifu de Nittis means sharing a strong passion for Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu and its values, have the opportunity to study its techniques at a high level, share experiences with other members from all over the word and meet internationally renowned Masters of the Sifu’s  networking.

See the posts of our foraign students:

Visit of Sifu de Nittis German student, March 2018

A student from Switzerland visits Sifu de Nittis, May 2018

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