洪聖 – 洪勝 – 雄勝 – 鴻勝 – 北勝

“洪英至聖 – 英雄永勝”

(Hung Hero’s are the Greatest – Heroe’s always win)

By Sifu Frank McCarthy 五洲洪門致公總堂

洪聖館: (Great Sage School – pronounced as Hung Sing or Hung Xiong)

Founded by Chan Heung in Ging Mui in 1836. Here, he taught Choy Lee Fut strictly passed down through the bloodline of the Chan Clan. “洪聖” is in reference to Hung Wu, the namesake of the Hung Society. Chan Heung is said to have been active with the Hung Mun, and possibly was a Hung Gwun or Red Pole, a commander of a fighting brigade.

洪勝館: (Hung Victory School – pronounced as Hung Sing)

This was the original name given to Jeung Ah Yim (張炎) by Ching Cho Wo Seung. (青草和尙) in 1849, as well as the name he used to open his very first school, which, was dedicated only to the Hung Mun. The name was a secret reference to the desires of the Hung Mun winning the victory in overthrowing the Qing Empire to restore the ming back to power. Additionally, the name has a verified connection to the Hung Mun and will be expounded upon in a book written by Frank McCarthy.

雄勝館: (Strong or Heroic Victory – pronounced as Hung Sing)

This branch was founded by Chan Koon Pak, the second son of Chan Heung. Originally, Chan Koon Pak used “鴻勝” which was different to that of his fathers (洪聖), and is believed to have learned from Jeung Hung Sing (張洪勝). But, because the Fut San Hung Sing Kwoon (佛山鴻勝館) was constantly in the news in regards to various uprisings they were involved with, Koon Pak decided to change his schools name to 雄勝館.

鴻 勝館: (Glorious Victory – pronounced as Hung Sing: literal translation: Great Wild Goose Victory)

Sometime between the mid 1860’s and 1875 Jeung Hung Sing (張洪勝) and his Fut San Hung Sing Kwoon (佛山洪勝館) was the target of the Qing Dynasty government, who, continuously ordered it to be closed down because of their connection as a Hung Mun based school of martial arts. He needed to change the name of his school to take the attention off of him, without losing his school essence. So, Jeung Hung Sing chose to used the new name of 鴻勝. However, to the uninitiated, the Hung Mun connection isn’t so obvious. In his up and coming book, Frank McCarthy explains the connection in depth.

北勝館: (Northing Victory – pronounced as Buk Sing)

This branch was founded by Tam Sam 譚三, who, was a student of Lui Chun, one of three more senior students of Jeung Hung Sing himself. However, in the early days of Tam Sam’s teaching, his school went by the name of Hung Sing (洪勝譚館) Tam Kwoon. But, because his school had to move north, the name later changed to the Buk Sing Kwoon. This lineage evolved into their own entity known as Buk Sing Choy Lee Fut.


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