_MG_3485The Choy Lay Fut 蔡李佛  is one of the most respected styles of Chinese Traditional Kung Fu, mainly thanks to its “history” and reputation achieved “on field” (see the Revolution of Boxers). Its origins can be traced to the Shaolin Temple in Julianshan, close to the County of Putian in the city of Fujian in Guangzhou.

It’s a style that dynamically combines the powerful legs techniques typical of the Northern styles, with quick combinations of arms features of Southern styles.

The power developed by the circularity of the blows taken with the whole body, makes this style one of the most real and effective system in combat.

The main features are the power generated by circular movements of arms and legs with the rotation of the hips and the dynamism in the multiple attack movements. The foundation of the system (1836) is to be ascribed to the work of Chan Heung (陳 享) (1805- 1875).

Native of Chan village of King Mui in the Sun Wui in Guangzhou province, Chan Heung, after years of practice, founded a combat system that over the years would become famous and lethal.

The history and evolution of the Choy Lay Fut system in its different branches continues to be controversial. Different versions and narratives talk about  the origin and about truthful and not so truthful people involved in it. However, what is certain is the practicality and the ferocity of this system, created to be used in fight and to be lethal. (For more historical insights read below attached articles).

IMG_8877BChoy Lay Fut Kung Fu style is based on a strong “Horse Stance” (Sei Ping Mah) and is characterized by coordination and fluidity of movements  with legs and arms used to attack the opponent (eg. Gwa, Sao, Chap, Pao. .); these movements create a devastating power during the impact.
This system is known and appreciated especially by combatants, the “Fighters”. The technical program is in fact focused on application and development of the technical and strategic dynamism in combat.

Today Sifu de Nittis practice and teach Buk Sing and Hung Sing Choy Lay Fut in complete and traditional way. His hard work and passion led him to be considered one of the most knowledgeable experts of Choy Lay Fut system. The path of study and deepening of the traditional Choy Lay Fut systems of Sifu de Nittis led him to focus and develop a fighting concept, strategy and psychology as the two system synthesis , the Traditional Fighting System, Body Conditioning Training and Kung Fu Qi Gong (Nei Gong).

“Arms should be like the wind blowing on  candles, legs  should be like walking on clouds”

“Turn around your opponent like a tiger who raises his head and strike like a dragon who sinks his claws”.

Tam Sam





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