BS_1Buk Sing (Pak Sing) Choy Lay Fut is an evolution of the fighting of Hung Sing system. Buk Sing (Pak Sing) became famous throughout China thanks to its founder, Grand Master Tam Sam. Tam Sam was one of the most popular and respected fighters of his day, thanks to the reputation built on  “battlefield”. Buk Sing Gwoon continued the work of its founder, training famous fighters considered among the best in the history of Chinese kung fu, including: Ma Yan, Lau Chang, Wong To, Kong On, Leong Ji, Nien Pak Chan, Lee Chow.

During his study path, Tam Sam created a proper system, a real system in the system. His studies were developed in particular in the techniques and principles applicable to the fight. Few Tou Lu (forms) many Kuen (techniques and principles), this bs_2-e1442779725862-150x150is what Buk Sing Choy Lay Fut system is based on. Some of his favorite techniques, that made him famous in the martial environment for efficiency in fighting are, Kwa-Sow-Chop and Lin Wan Chop Choy (cyclical attacks with  Leopard fists). Tam Sam loved fighting so much that he hired a biographer to keep record of his matches. The book should have been called “The records of 100 victorious combats”, but the author died in Hong Kong during its drafting early stages and it was never completed.
Technically, this style has embedded a long and short distance punches, palm hits, joint locks, kicking techniques in combination, attacks on pressure points, lever techniques, conditioning exercises, pair work, fighting’s study, especially with bare hands. The combat tactics involved the study of various lines of defense and attack, movement with advanced steps in eight directions and simultaneous counterattacks.The use of Chop choy in a dynamic and direct way is one of the distinguishing features of this system.

Sifu de Nittis represents the fourth generation of style Buk Sing of Grand Master Tam Sam, and a close door disciple of Master Chan Shun Ming of Hong Kong . He is the only European and one of the few members of the world, recognized by the Choy Lee Fut Buk Sing Association of Hong Kong.

Thanks to a deep relationship based on respect and friendship, Gran Master Vince Lacey shares to Sifu de Nittis his knowledge and experience in the some fighting practical techniques of  Buk Sing Choy Lay Fut, a branch of Kong On.

The Choy Lay Fut 蔡李佛 is one of the most respected styles of Chinese Traditional Kung Fu, mainly thanks to its “history” and reputation achieved “on field”.






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