Baishi Ceremony

Baishi! Our Sifu Gianni de Nittis received the greatest honor!

The meaning of the Baishi 拜師 and ritual ceremony :
“This belt for you, reminding you to respect your master and Pak Sing Choi Lee Fat.

This ruler for you, reminding you to behave well, with tolerance to others.

The words on the ruler ,”百子千孫”, meaning with many students and followers, hoping that you can spread the spirit of Pak Sing Choi Lee Fat “

Buk Sing Gwoon (Guangzhou), in the presence of members of the Buk Sing Choy Lay Fut Association, the Baishi 拜師 was celebrated as an important and ancient rite in traditional kung fu.

Sifu Gianni de Nittis received this great honor, becoming now, in fact, a member of the official Pak Sing Choy Lee Fat genealogy.

Sifu Gianni de Nittis Said:

“Thanks to my Sifu Chan Shun Ming 陳順明師父, Simo 師母 Ling Lai Ming, Sibak 梁國成師伯 Leung Gwok Sing, Sibak Chong Ping 梁楚平師伯, the 馬恩舘Ma Yan Gwoon Association, all my Sibaks and the Buk Sing Clan.”

Thanks to you Sifu Gianni de Nittis, for your continuous research, your continuous dedication and for the generosity you show in sharing your knowledge with your students!



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